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I finally uploaded better pictures for my last poster.
Still available !

Colors are done !The book will be printed soon !
I just finished the inking of my 40 comics pages for La Kebaberie, the 3 stories collection book I’m going to silkscreen soon.Release : September. I hope.Still a lot of things to do. I’m working on the color right now. 
Working hard on my future silkscreened comics… 11 pages left.Here’s a 747700 design break.
I just silkscreened my last illustration !…And I couldn’t resist to use our fluo inks, haha !
55cm / 38cm21.6 inch / 15 inch
3 colors
If you want to get it, just send me a mail.rem.mattei[]at[]gmail.comSi vous êtes à Lyon, passez me voir à l’atelier Mauvaise Foi, Impasse Fernand Rey, Lyon 1er
(I’ll post better photos soon.)
New poster. I’ll silkscreen it soon.If interested, you can preorder it by sending me a mail here : rem.mattei-]at[-gmail.com
A page from the new book I’ll silkscreen. Soon.

Several pages I did a year ago for our comic/illustration book “Laurence 666”, published by our team : Mauvaise Foi.
It was made for the third issue… We released the fourth on February 2014 and we are now working on the fifth !

If you want to know more about our releases, you can follow us on facebook.

He needs some help.

New tests